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About Us

In keeping with West Virginia University's (WVU) goals of excellence in undergraduate education and research, the Provost's Office established The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) as a resource for WVU students and faculty members.

West Virginia University's Office of Undergraduate Research envisions its program as one that will contribute to world-changing discovery and innovation, academic engagement, and excellence through its focus on scholarly inquiry that prepares students to create the ideas and opportunities that shape and advance our state, nation, and world.

The Mission of the Office of Undergraduate Research at West Virginia University is to enhance academic excellence through undergraduate research and creative endeavors. We connect undergraduate students, who have strong and committed interests in research and creative endeavors, to faculty members, programs, and research-related opportunities that are aligned with their interests. As the home of the WVU Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program, we foster a culture of academic engagement by providing unparalleled opportunities for student participation in research. We work to institutionalize undergraduate research and creative endeavors as a key component of the educational experience across all disciplines (from chemistry to communications, from engineering to English) at West Virginia University.

For undergraduate students, the Office of Undergraduate Research:

  • offers on-campus programming (e.g., SURE), career mentoring speakers, and coordinated workshops (e.g., responsible conduct of research, preparing a scientific poster);
  • connects students with on-campus research opportunities;
  • connects students with off-campus/external research opportunities;
  • offers advice on applying for undergraduate research opportunities (on-campus and off-campus);
  • offers advice on enhancing your application for undergraduate research opportunities;
  • offers advice on finding travel funding and preparing your research for presentation;
  • connects students with opportunities to present their research (e.g., URDC and Posters on the Hill); and
  • connects student researchers with faculty.

For faculty, the Office of Undergraduate Research:

  • connects faculty with student researchers;
  • aids faculty members in supporting undergraduate research activities;
  • provides budgetary templates and language for inclusion of undergraduate researchers in proposals;
  • aids faculty in writing proposals to support undergraduate research sites (e.g., NSF REU Site proposals);
  • offers on-campus programming (e.g., SURE), career mentoring speakers, and coordinated workshops for undergraduate researchers; and
  • acts as a resource for undergraduate research activities across WVU.

So, OUR is not just a resource for students. OUR is also a resource for WVU faculty members as they seek to expand research and creative opportunities for undergraduates through supplemental funding on new proposals or existing grants or through the development of programs to enhance the undergraduate experience. Please be patient as we build the physical, electronic, and programming support structures for this office. But, expect big things to come as we create programs and opportunities that shape students' futures and allow them to pursue solutions and discoveries that matter and that affect the health and vitality of society.