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Undergraduates Represent WVU at NCUR

Four WVU undergraduates are currently (April 6-8, 2017) in Memphis, TN at the University of Memphis representing WVU at the National Conferences on Undergraduate Research (NCUR). This is the first time in recent memory that WVU has been represented at NCUR and these four students were selected from a competitive pool of applicants. Along with 1000+ other undergraduates from institutions nationwide, our students will present the results of their research to attendees, gather information about graduate schools, and learn from leaders in their respective fields.
Our 2017 NCUR representatives are:
  • Sydney Brooks (Hometown: Albuquerque, NM; Major: Chemistry and Forensics; Poster Title: Evaluation of crown ether for extraction of inorganic gunshot residue and analysis via electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry; Research Mentor: Suzanne Bell)
  • Patricia Doyle (Hometown: Middlebury, VT; Major: Biology; Poster Title: Effect of reactive oxygen species generators on mitoNEET expression in astrocytes and brain endothelial; Research Mentor: Werner Geldenhuys) 
  • Patrick Thomas (Hometown: Hurricane, WV; Major: Biochemistry; Oral Presentation Title: Targeting the metabolism of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in the bone marrow microenvironment; Research Mentor: Laura Gibson)
  • Daniel Wolodkin (Hometown: Frostburg, MD; Majors: Biology & Mathematics; Assessment of aluminum tolerance in Salix spp. For biomass production and reclamation of disturbed lands; Research Mentor: Jonathan Cumming)NCUR 2017 Group

Please join us in congratulating these undergraduates on their NCUR selection and participation. The WVU Office of Undergraduate Research supported this opportunity and Ms. Hellen Nditsi, Program Coordinator, graciously agreed to chaperone the students on their trip to NCUR.