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NSF Graduate Research Fellowships Applications (due 23-27)

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The 2018 GRFP application is now open for submissions from graduate and undergraduate students. This fellowship provides very competitive graduate-level stipends for students to attend graduate school in STEM and other fields of study.  The deadlines (Oct 23-27 according to field of study) for the 2018 competition are published in the Solicitation (NSF 16-588), which is a three-year Solicitation.  Note that graduate students are limited to only one application to the GRFP, submitted either in the first year or in the second year of graduate school, as described in the Solicitation and in Dear Colleague Letter NSF 16-050.  As a consequence of the decision to limit the number of times a graduate student can submit, the number of applications in last year’s (2017) competition relative to the 2016 competition dropped by 3,663, and the success rate for applicants increased from 13% to 16%.

Another update is that the FY2018 Budget Request to the Congress includes a 50% reduction in the number of new fellowship awards.  The Request specifies that in FY 2018, NSF will support 1,000 new Fellows, equal to the number supported in FY 2008, a reduction from the 2,000 new Fellows NSF has supported annually since 2010.  If implemented, this change is likely to affect the 2018 success rate.  We hope you will continue to support GRFP on your campus, including encouraging your students to apply. 

We encourage graduating undergraduates and eligible graduate students to apply for the NSF GRF award. Students can obtain assistance with the application process from the WVU ASPIRE Office.