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How can the Office of Undergraduate Research help you? You tell us. But here are a couple of areas where we know we can help you.

  • We provide activities (workshops, seminar speakers, and culminating poster symposium) to complement the research carried out by your summer undergraduate researchers.
  • We coordinate with the Honors College to administer the WVU SURE program - an opportunity for you to have a paid, full-time undergraduate student help with your research.
  • We will help you connect you with undergraduate researchers with educational backgrounds and interests that align with your research interests and needs.
  • We offer proposal writing advice (budgetary and language) as you work to secure funding for research involving undergraduates or for undergraduate research sites.
  • We offer advice on how to administer an undergraduate research site or even just a couple of undergraduates in research.

Volunteer Agreement: Have a researcher or local high school student who would like to volunteer in your lab? Be sure to complete a Volunteer Agreement Form, retain a copy and give a copy to your Departmental Chemical Hygiene Officer. A volunteer is defined as someone who is not paid or who is not receiving credit hours and who could be a high school or WVU student, or a visiting scholar or visiting scientist.

297/497 Courses: The Office of Undergraduate Research uses the institution-wide course offerings of 297 and 497 (tagged as Research. 1-6 Hr. Independent Research Project) to track undergraduate research in different majors/departments across the institution. If your department currently does not have the 297/497 course numbers offered as part of the undergraduate curriculum, it is easy to activate them. The 297/497 course numbers are "common course numbers that can be created/activated at any time. The requesting department should notify the Office of the University Registrar that they would like these created" (per Sean McGowan, Office of University Registrar).

Safety: Please note that safety is a priority in all academic and research laboratories at West Virginia University. Thus, faculty, staff and students must be properly training in safe work practices specific to their environment. For more information specific to your College, contact the relevant personnel below: