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Funding Your Research

Can I fund my research?

Researchers at all levels encounter questions about the prospect of having their research endeavors financially supported. Therefore, it is helpful for undergraduate researchers to become familiar with funding mechanisms available to them. If you are wondering whether funding is warranted for you research, ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • Do I need some funding to purchase non-standard equipment for my undergraduate research project?
  • Do I have undergraduate research results of interest to other researchers within my discipline?
  • Does my research mentor want me to attend a discipline-specific regional or national conference to present my research in either poster or oral format?

If you said yes to one or more of these questions and your research presentation has been accepted, you may need funding for conference registration, travel, or research equipment.

Where do I begin?

Your faculty research mentor may have some funding. I f not, depending on your major and your major's WVU home College (i.e., Eberly (ECAS), Statler, or Davis), you may apply for internal enrichment funding that can be used to offset costs (registration fees & travel-related expenses) associated with attendance and presentation of your research. Typically, students must submit an application (request, budget, and budget justification) for enrichment funding and funds are distributed on a competitive basis. In addition, you may apply for external travel funding offered by discipline-specific professional societies or by national and regional conferences. See the information and links below for more specific information.

WVU undergraduate and graduate students can access Pivot, a comprehensive source of global funding opportunities to search for fellowships, scholarships and other funding opportunities. Access to Pivot is limited to authenticated WVU users (i.e., email address ending in;; Be sure to "Sign up" and "Create a Pivot Account" with WVU as the Affiliated Member Institution.

Resources for funding opportunities

  • Sigma Xi Grants-in-Aid of Research Program (Applicants can request travel expenses to/from research site or for purchase of non-standard laboratory equipment to complete a research project.)
  • Advancing Microscopy & Microanalysis Undergraduate Research Scholarship Program (supports undergraduate stipend, limited travel, and supply costs for research using or involving a microscopy technique)
  • Psi Chi The International Honor Society in Psychology (undergraduate awards and grants for psychology majors; in particular, to fund your current research see Undergraduate Research Grants )
  • Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design The WVU Davis College may have some enrichment funding to support undergraduate researchers. Faculty advisers and students should contact the office of the Associate Dean of Academic Administration within Davis College to obtain more information.
  • Eberly College of Arts and Sciences (ECAS) Academic Enrichment Program Undergraduate students majoring in programs within the WVU Eberly College can apply for enrichment funds to assist them in participating in activities that complement, extend, and enhance their academic experiences (e.g., faculty-led field trip, research, conference, or workshop attendance.) A realistic budget (with actual costs), cover letter, online application, and faculty recommendation are required to apply. NOTE: This program is a reimbursement program and will only reimburse the student (not the faculty member) for costs associated with the activity. To be reimbursed, students must pay for expenses out-of-pocket (e.g., airfare, hotel). In addition, funding will be applied to a student's financial aid account for disbursement.
  • Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources Undergraduate students majoring in programs within the WVU Statler College and their advisers can apply for Research Trust Funds (RTF) to support their research or for travel to conferences to present their research results. Faculty mentors should contact the office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs within Statler College to obtain more information.
  • WVU Office of Undergraduate Research Travel Support Request UGR offers limited travel support for WVU undergraduates to offset costs (registration fees & travel-related expenses) associated with attendance and presentation (oral or poster) of undergraduate research results at discipline-specific regional and national conferences and workshops. Travel support will be distributed on a case-by-case competitive basis by UGR. Undergraduates who plan to attend the same conference to present the same research/creative work (as co-authors) should submit their travel support requests TOGETHER and at the same time referencing each other as co-authors. Some limitations may apply. At this time, support is limited to $500/year for one activity per year and support requests should be submitted a minimum of three weeks prior to the start of the activity for which travel funding is being sought. A realistic budget, cover letter, and faculty recommendation must accompany the travel support application.
  • Conference and Professional Society Travel Awards Many national and regional discipline-specific conferences offer competitive travel awards for undergraduate students who wish to attend and present. Once you have identified a research conference, check the website to see if travel awards are available. A quick google search using search terms of "travel awards & undergraduate" may help you find conferences with available travel awards. In addition, many professional societies offer competitive travel awards, for example, see Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Student , ASBMB National Meeting , ASPB Plant Biology Annual Meeting , Genetics Society of America , Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience , ACS Organic Chemistry , Society for Personality and Social Psychology , American Society of Mammalogists , CUR Biology , Social Science and Psychology Divisions (WVU is an institutional member of CUR), and IEEE .