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Publish Your Research

Do you wish to publish your research? First, speak with your research adviser. Your adviser probably has plans in place to publish ongoing research efforts in discipline-specific journals. In fact, faculty rely on publications to document their research efforts. Authorship (primary or co-authorship) denotes a major intellectual investment in the research. A general rule of thumb is that you must have contributed to two of the following five tasks for authorship:
  1. obtained funding for the research
  2. conducted the experiments (i.e., did the work and obtained the results that answered the question)
  3. designed/analyzed results
  4. interpreted results
  5. wrote the journal article
If everything involved in your research project (from start to finish) was your idea and your adviser concurs, then you might consider publishing your research in an undergraduate research journal. A few of these journals are listed below.

WVU is home to the Mountaineer Undergraduate Research Review (MURR), West Virginia's only research journal exclusively for undergraduate authors. MURR publishes outstanding research performed by undergraduates at West Virginia University. MURR is a publication of the West Virginia University Honors College. Papers are anonymously reviewed by qualified faculty members at WVU, and are reviewed and edited by a Student Editorial Board.

The WVU Libraries has an Open Access Author Fund (OAAF) that is intended as an aid to make scholarly content published by WVU authors (faculty, staff, and students) open access. The fund is designed to be a last resort, when no other source of funding is available to help pay the article and processing fees charged by open access publications. The journals and books selected must be fully open access; hybrid publications are not eligible. The subsidy is limited to $2,000 per article ($1,000 per article for HSC authors), regardless of the number of authors. Click the link above for OAAF details.

You might also consider publication in the American Journal of Undergraduate Research. Honors students might consider publication of their research or creative activity in the UReCA, the NCHC Journal of Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity On-Line Publication. Be sure to speak with your adviser before submission of your research to any type of journal.

A listing of undergraduate research journals can be found at the Council on Undergraduate Research's website.