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The Office of Undergraduate Research is open, but our staff members are teleworking. We are available for student advising and meetings using Zoom, Google Hangouts, or by phone. Please continue to use our contact form to set up an appointment or email to contact our staff. We are here for you!

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NCUR Presenters

NCUR Presenters


  • Poster Presentation: Extraction of Rare Earths from Coal Fly Ash by Microwave-Assisted Technology. Daniel Baker (Daniel, a chemical engineering major at WVU from Glen Dale, WV, carried out research with Dr. Ed Sabolsky.) 
  • Poster Presentation: Understanding of Combustion: Gas Phase Kinetics of the CH Radical and Cyclopentadiene Reaction. Zachery Donnellan (Zachery, a chemistry major at WVU from Chapmanville, WV, carried out research with Dr. Fabien Goulay.) 
  • Poster Presentation: Humoral (B Cell) Immune System Imbalance is Associated with Development of Depressive-like Phenotype. Liza Grossman and Brishti White (Liza, a chemistry major from Grafton, WV, and Brishti, a psychology major from Morgantown, WV, carried out research with Dr. Elizabeth Engler-Chiurazzi.) 
  • Poster Presentation: Fabrication of Kirigami Based structures for Flexible Electronics Applications. Muriithi-David Kem (Muriithi-David, a mechanical and aerospace engineering major at WVU from Kennesaw, GA, carried out research with Dr. Kostas Sierros.) 
  • Poster Presentation: Swiss Settlement in Randolph County, West Virginia: A Study of land Deals, Policies, and Immigration. Elizabeth Satterfield (Elizabeth, a history major at WVU from Independence, WV, carried out research with Dr. William Gorby.) 
  • Poster Presentation: Coding a Path Through High-Quality Feedback. Colter Uscola (Colter, a sociology major at WVU from Morgantown, WV, carried out research with Dr. Melissa Patchan.) 
  • Poster Presentation: The Epigenetic Role of Septic Microparticles in Alzheimer’s Disease. Mya Vannoy (Mya, an immunology and medical microbiology major at WVU from Cross Lanes, WV, carried out research with Dr. Duaa Dakhallah.)


  • Elizabeth SatterfieldA Changing Cultural Landscape in the Sunnyside Neighborhood of Morgantown, West Virginia
  • Josef HellerSynthesis of a Cyclophane Bearing Two Benz[a] anthracene Units Connected at 5 and 7 Positions with Two Naphth-1,4-diyl Groups
  • Raisa NuñezCrystal Structure of the Outer Mitochondrial Membrane Protein MitoNEET in Complex with Furosemide
  • Christian HushionEmissions Analysis of Synthetic Diesel for Off-Road Heavy-Duty Equipment
  • McKenna WilliamsonMental Illness in Early 20th Century Mexico


  • Sydney BrooksEvaluation of Crown Ether for Extraction of Inorganic Gunshot Residue and Analysis via Electrospray Ionization Tandem Mass Spectrometry (QqQ)
  • Patrick ThomasTargeting the Metabolism of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in the Bone Marrow Microenvironment
  • Daniel WolodkinAssessment of Aluminum Tolerance in Salix spp. for Biomass Production and Reclamation of Disturbed Lands
  • Patricia DoyleEffect of Reactive Oxygen Species Generators on MitoNEET Expression in Astrocytes and Brain Endothelial Cells


  • Tyler PlumUsing the Position of Digestive Contents Relative to Chlorinated Hydrocarbon (CHC) Concentrations in the Liver to Map CHC Movement through the Smooth Dogfish (Mustelus Canis)


  • Eric RogersNon-intrusive Monitoring of Civil and Mechanical Structural Deflection: A 3D Imaging Approach