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Posters On The Hill


  • Morgan Menke, In Search of Isolated Astrophysical Pulses in Phased Array Feed Data


  • Sundus Lateef, High fructose corn syrup-55 promotes triglyceride accumulation and alters fat metabolism in the liver


  • Ashlee Seldomridge, Detrimental changes in perivascular adipose tissue gene expression in Metabolic syndrome recovered with exercise training


  • Priyanka Jagannath, Nonsense Suppressors: A Cure for Blindness?


  • Jaclyn Noelle Daugherty, Revising Sociolinguistic Methods for the 21st Century
  • Sean David-Andrew Belardo, Research on Impurity-Tolerant Alternative SOFC Anode for Coal Syngas Operation
  • Nikolai Paul Radzinski, Motion Capture as a Tool for Clinical Assessment of Impairment for Physical Therapy


  • Amber Davis, Jasen Perry, Kerry Fluharty & Emily Selby, Chronic and Acute Pain Affects Descriptions of Pain and Fear in Oral Surgery Patients and Nonclinical Controls