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Enhance Your Application

When applying for an undergraduate research internship or co-op opportunity the amount of effort you put into completing the application counts. Typically, besides the application itself, you will be asked to provide an updated resume, write and submit an essay or personal statement, and submit a letter of recommendation. It is important to follow the application guidelines precisely and directly respond to any questions put forth in the essay. As needed, the Office of Undergraduate Research can provide advice and feedback on components of your application. Before contacting OUR, please look over the information available within the Institute for Broadening Participation (IBP) Pathways to Science's Resource Toolbox as well as that provided by the WVU ASPIRE Office. Pertinent information from these two sources is highlighted below.


Creating a Winning Application and Enhancing Your Application (IBP)

Recommendation Letters

Six Steps for Securing Effective Letters of Recommendation (WVU ASPIRE)
Getting Strong Letters of Recommendation (IBP)
Sample Faculty Reference Letter (WVU Career Services Center)

NOTE: Recommendation letters should be professional (i.e., written on institutional or departmental letterhead with return address and with recommender's signature).

Essays and Personal Statements

Writing a Personal Statement (WVU ASPIRE)
Writing Strong Essays & Personal Statements (IBP)

Cover Letters and Thank You Letters (WVU Career Services Center)
Timeline for Preparing for Graduate School (WVU ASPIRE)