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Gage Jackson


Gage Jackson Profile
Advisor: Dr. Jessica Hoover, Chemistry

About Gage's Research Experience:

WVU's undergraduate research community is excited to spotlight NSF LSAMP recipient and SURE participant Gage Jackson! Gage is a senior chemistry major working with Dr. Jessica Hoover.

It was after taking Dr. Hoover's honors organic chemistry class during the spring semester of 2020 that Gage initially took an interest in research. Jackson noted that, "Once [he] began to have an idea of what was happening during the synthesis of different compounds, [he] wanted to work in the lab to learn about how to go about these things practically." 

During his time as part of SURE, he has been working to add on to the knowledge of benzylic C-H activation with particular carbon-trifluorine (trifluoromethyl) groups with an overall goal to create a "cheap and effective way in which to make these trifluoronated products with a new set of reaction conditions developed from previous literature." According to Gage, his research aims to benefit the agrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. Gage's favorite part about research is learning new techniques in the lab such as chromatography. 

When Gage is not working in the lab or attending classes, he enjoys being outside hunting or fishing. Gage plans to attend graduate school once he completes his undergraduate education.