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Information for Students: 

You have worked hard on your research and presentation. Remember, research is an ongoing process. A presentation is only one stage in this infinite game. Getting feedback from judges will help you improve for your next presentation and may lead to new ideas. 

At WVU Undergraduate Research Symposia, each presentation will be evaluated by at least two faculty, staff or graduate student judges. Judges may or may not be from your specific discipline and may not identify themselves. They will be rotating through the posters during session times. They may ask you specific questions about your project and your role in the research. Some tips:

  • Be yourself. 
  • Be honest.
  • Be open to new ideas.
  • If you don't know the answer, say so. Suggest the name of someone who might.

You will automatically have access to the judges feedback after the event. This feedback is meant to be constructive and helpful to you. We will also use this feedback to select winners and runners up in each category. 

If you need to step away from your poster for a few minutes, don't worry! Leave a sticky note on your poster "back in 5 minutes". Your judge will return for another look.

Judging Rubrics: 

Below are links to several judging rubrics. In each category of the rubric, judges will assign a score ranging from Poor to Excellent. Judges also have a chance to provide qualitative comments. This is a great chance for you to improve your presentation for a professional conference or future symposium.

Poster Presentations:

Arts, Humanities & Design 

STEM, Social & Behavioral Sciences 

Oral Presentations:

Human Engagement 

Science & Technology 

Information for Judges: 

Judges should arrive withing the first 30 minutes of the presentations.

Judging at an undergraduate symposium is a highlight for many faculty and graduate students. Let's make it a highlight for student presenters as well by keeping all feedback constructive and positive. Please consider that some students are just getting started in research in their first year at WVU. Presenting at a symposium is a major achievement for them. When offering feedback, please use constructive language such as:
  • 'Elements of the presentation that were strong included...'
  • 'The most impactful part of the presentation was...'
  • 'The student may wish to work on...'
  • 'A stronger presentation would have...'
  • 'Did you consider...'

Judging will be conducted using the Symposium Judging Portal on ForagerOne and can be completed on a smartphone, ipad or laptop. To access your judging assignments:

  1. Log in to the ForagerOne Symposium portal 

  2. Click on "My Events", in the “Events I’m registered for”

  3. Select the correct event.

  4. Click on tab for Reviews (at the top)

  5. Start judging. You can review abstracts prior to the event and view presentations at the event. You will see who is assigned to you. You can view “presentation” including abstract and poster/powerpoint of oral presentation, if submitted by the presenter. Please complete the rubric through ForagerOne after viewing the in-person presentation on the day of the event.