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Mentor Training

Navigating Mentoring: Developing and Sustaining an Effective Mentoring Practice

Mentoring undergraduate students, particularly those with limited experience can be challenging. The UGR team provides the Navigating Mentoring workshop every fall semester , to help mentors (faculty members, graduate students, post-docs, etc.) build confidence in mentoring undergraduates in research.

This training is offered in a virtual format and focuses on helping mentors to support students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds; articulate and refine their personal style and philosophy of mentoring; solve mentoring dilemmas with the help of their peers. The training combines a presentation session with active break-out rooms to discuss real scenarios. Supporting material to help participants in their mentoring journey will be provided and successful experiences will be presented and discussed.

If interested, please sign up here. We will send you details about dates and time for the upcoming fall semester.

Undergraduate Research Workshop

Every spring semester the UGR welcomes all (faculty, post docs, graduate students, researchers, etc) interested in having more information about undergraduate research at WVU to participate in a virtual workshop about the Office and its resources. UGR staff presents a brief overview of the undergraduate research programs at WVU and on the best strategies to recruit undergraduate researchers. Additionally, the UGR staff provides detailed information on how to compensate undergraduate students either with course credit or specific funds, including options that do not require any financial backing from faculty or their respective departments.

If you are interested in participating in this workshop, please sign up here. We will send you details about dates and time for the upcoming spring semester.