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Michelle Richards-Babb, Director of the Office of Undergraduate ResearchMichelle Richards-Babb, Ph.D.
Professor, Chemistry & Director, Office of Undergraduate Research
Background: Michelle Richards-Babb did not attend college immediately upon graduation from high school. Instead, she worked within the equine industry. Eventually, she earned a B.S. in Chemistry from Ursinus College and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Lehigh University. Currently, Richards-Babb is a Professor within the WVU C. Eugene Bennett Department of Chemistry where she teaches and carries out research on chemistry education. As an undergraduate senior, she performed research on the solution thermodynamics of polymers. She clearly remembers her mother typing her final undergraduate research report on a manual typewriter. Richards-Babb, a first generation college student, credits her undergraduate research experience with giving her the confidence to apply to and attend graduate school.

Kimberly Quedado
Kimberly Quedado, Ph.D.
Assistant Director, Research Apprenticeship Program, Office of Undergraduate Research
Background: Kimberly Quedado, a West Virginia native and first generation college student has earned her B.S. in Chemistry from the primarily undergraduate institution, Wheeling Jesuit University in Wheeling, WV. She continued her education at West Virginia University at which she received her M.S., Ph.D., and M.A. degrees. Quedado has diverse experience in higher education as both an assistant professor teaching chemistry and biochemistry related courses and as a manager of graduate and undergraduate traineeship programs.                                                                        

[Kevin Walden]
Kevin Walden, MS Ed.
Program Specialist, Office of Undergraduate Research
Background: Kevin Walden was raised in Grafton, West Virginia and earned a B.A. in English and biology from WVU. At WVU, he served as a research assistant for the West Virginia Dialect Project studying Appalachian dialect features throughout the state. Upon graduation, he enrolled in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania and earned an M.S.Ed. in Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Development. There he served as a research assistant exploring the impact of a civic engagement curriculum on academic identity development in high school students. In addition, he worked as a Graduate Associate in Rodin College House, where he programmed events to support the social, professional, and academic development of undergraduate residents.

Members of the Advisory Council (2017-2018)
Dr. Katherine Aaslestad, History
Dr. Ken Blemings, Biochemistry & Dean of the Honors College
Dr. Naomi Boyd, Finance
Dr. Paul Chantler, Exercise Physiology
Dr. Cerasela Zoica Dinu, Biomedical and Chemical Engineering
Ms. Barbara Foster, Director of Laboratory Safety, Chemistry
Dr. Paul Hernandez, Educational Psychology
Dr. Melissa Olfert, Human Nutrition and Foods
Dr. Eugenia Pena-Yewtukhiw, Soil Physics and Management
Dr. Rhonda Reymond, Art History
Dr. Ed Sabolsky, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Dr. Rosana Schafer, Immunology and Medical Microbiology
Dr. Richard Thomas, Biology
Dr. Sam Zizzi, Sport and Exercise Psychology