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Janelia Undergraduate Summer Scholars Program

Janelia Undergraduate Summer Scholars Program

Now accepting applications for the Summer 2020 program!

Join an intense and exciting research environment this summer. Apply to the Janelia Undergraduate Scholars Program by January 7, 2020. 

This program allows a small number of enthusiastic students to join an intense and exciting research environment.

The Janelia Undergraduate Scholars program is a 10-week summer program aimed at well-prepared, independent, and committed students with significant research experience. We accept undergraduates and masters students who have not committed to a PhD program.

Janelia undergraduate scholars are dedicated future scientists, engineers, and mathematicians who are interested in exploring:

  • Behavioral & Systems Neuroscience
  • Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience
  • Evolution & Genetics
  • Instrumentation & Computational Tool Development
  • Neuronal Cell Biology
  • Optical Physics & Imaging
  • Structural Biology & Biochemistry
  • Theory & Computational Neuroscience

This program provides an outstanding research experience, an opportunity to network with colleagues at all career levels, and a chance to form lifelong scientific collaborations and friendships. Stay on our beautiful campus and explore Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and the surrounding area.

We are now accepting applications. Please submit your materials by January 7, 2020 at 3:00 p.m. ET.

Apply Now:

For more information or contact the program director, Dr. Erik Lee Snapp at

More information?

Erik Lee Snapp, Ph.D.

Director of Student and Postdoctoral Programs

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Janelia Research Campus