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WVU Course - Ambassadors of Change

WVU Course - Ambassadors of Change

Honors students and first-generation college students,

Please consider registering for SPTP 293 "Ambassadors for Change" for the Spring 2020 semester (3 credit hours). We'll have a lot of fun *AND* make actual positive changes in the system of STEM education. 

We'll meet Tuesdays & Thursdays 10:00-11:15am in Woodburn Hall G11

I'm attaching a flyer so you can help me spread the word!

In SPTP 293, we will:

  • Interact with many different people around WVU and West Virginia.
  • Contribute to building a state-wide network that supports rural, first-generation STEM students.
  • Exercise your personal and social responsibility.
  • Learn how to become an ambassador and ally to both younger students and policy makers.
  • Create an intervention and/or communication piece that will be published and live on to be used by future first-gen students, potential first-gen allies, guidance counselors, parents, faculty, and policy makers.

Note: Honors students will have first priority to register October 21st-28th, and then if there are still openings non-Honors can be registered. If you are NOT an Honors students and want to register, just send me your full name and ID number and I can have an admin override to register you. 

Please contact Dr. Kathryn Williamson ( with questions.