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2020 Fall Symposium Winners

2020 Fall Symposium Winners

The 2020 Fall Undergraduate Research Symposium was a success. In a year in which we had to distance ourselves from each other to slow the spread of the new coronavirus, the symposium was a virtual experience and students uploaded their pre-recorded presentations to our website and engaged in “synchronous commenting” with participants, using the YouTube virtual platform. A total of 55 students, participating in research programs at WVU ( RAP, EXCEL, Beckman), presented their research and creative endeavors in 6 different categories. Congratulations to our winners and runner up!


Oral presentation – Human Engagement (4 presentations)
Winner: Kelsey Greene (Parkersburg, WV), major in English and sociology, RAP participant
Mentor: Ellen Rodrigues
Research Title: Queer Histories in Morgantown, West Virginia 

Oral presentation – Science & Technology (10 presentations)
Image of Kelcie Britton
Winner: Kelcie Britton (Morgantown, WV), major in Immunology and Medical Microbiology, 2020 Beckman scholar
Mentor: Daniel Panaccione
Research Title: Functional and Genetic Analysis of Esterase Genes Involved in Synthesis of Ergot Alkaloids

Poster presentation – Biological Sciences (6 posters)
Christopher Hughes headshot
Winner: Christopher Hughes (Berkeley Springs, WV), major in Biology, RAP participant
Mentor: Edward Brzostek
Research Title: Measures Taken by Oak and Maple Trees to Mitigate Drought in Temperate Forests

Poster presentation – Health Sciences (17 posters)
Headshot of Raafay Uqaily
Winner: Raafay Uqaily (Morgantown, WV), major in Biomedical Engineering, RAP participant
Mentor: Naveena Yanamala
Research Title: High-Risk Burden Predictors of One Year Mortality Following Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation

Headshot of Autum Rogers Runner Up: Autumn Rogers (Shady Spring, WV), major in Immunology and Medical Microbiology, RAP participant
Mentor: Timothy Eubank & Duaa Dakhlallah
Research Title: Analysis of Circulating microRNAs Targeting DNA Methyltransferases as a Predictor for Treatment Outcome

Poster presentation – Behavioral & Social Sciences (8 posters)
Headshot of Sabrina Siegan
Winner: Sabrina Siegan (Troy, MI), major in Immunology and Medical Microbiology, RAP participant
Mentor: Shari Steinman
Research Title: Childhood Frequency of Church Attendance Effects on Adulthood Scrupulosity Scores

Poster presentation – Physical Sciences & Engineering (10 posters)
Headshot of Melina McCabe
Winner: Melina McCabe (Wheeling, WV), major in Biomedical Engineering, RAP participant
Mentor: Jessica Allen
Research Title: Differences in Stepping Characteristics During the TUG Test with Aging and Neurodegenerative Disease