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Researchers Needed - Kijimoto Lab

Researchers Needed - Kijimoto Lab

Dr. Teiya Kijimoto’s lab is looking for two to three highly motivated undergraduate students during summer 2021 (and potentially extended to following semesters). 

The lab studies:

  1. the developmental, genetic, ecological, and physiological underpinnings of insect development.
  2. the developmental and genetic underpinnings of insect development in the context of symbiosis.
  3. the genetic, neuronal, and developmental underpinnings of insect acoustic communication.

All studies involve genetic techniques including isolation of genes from insects by using PCR, examining the function of genes by RNA interference (RNAi)-mediated gene knock down, morphological assessment of gene knock down. Some specific projects may involve pharmacological and physiological manipulation, metabolomic approaches, as well as histological analyses on insects.

Since we study non-model insects, students are expected to be involved in insect collection, handling, and care. 

This research can be undertaken on a volunteer basis, for summer course credit (e.g., Honors 497 credit or 497 credit within student’s major), or as part of a WVU capstone project. This summer’s research experience is expected to lead to continued involvement in research into the 2021-2022 academic year via the previously mentioned course mechanisms or via a WVU research program (e.g., RAP or SURE).  

Requirements:  No GPA cutoff, but a strong work ethic and some experience in the genetics lab techniques would be preferred. Biology and biochemistry majors are preferred, but other majors can be given consideration.

Please contact Teiya Kijimoto ( ) to schedule a meeting.