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Researcher Needed: Tseytlin Lab

Researcher Needed: Tseytlin Lab

Dr. Mark Tseytlin is seeking highly motivated undergraduate students to lead one of many project tasks in collaboration with other lab members. Students will gain invaluable expertise and, likely, co-author a publication in a peer-revived journal. This position is volunteer, but students can apply for WVU funding.

Overview: This project will focus on the development of novel imaging methods that possess a broad range of applications including, 3D printing, electromagnetic field mapping, bioprinting, and cancer research.  This project can be divided into multiple small tasks in the areas of (bio)chemistry; electrical, mechanical, and computer engineering; material sciences; biology. The goal of this project is to generate oxygen in bioprinted models of tissue and image its diffusion and consumption by the cells.

Skills Expected to Gain: The students will be engaged in and learn how to work as a team in a multidisciplinary project. Depending on the interests, they will acquire knowledge covering broadly natural sciences from mathematics to biology and laboratory skill set, including hands-on experience using state-of-the-art instrumentation. 

Expected Duration of the Project: The project will last during the Fall 2021 semester minimum; the project is long term and could span multiple semesters.

Qualifications: The undergraduate researcher must have some proficiency in MATLAB (including parallel programming and instrument control), radio wave electronics (MHz-GHz frequency range), circuit design (including PCB Eagle), programming of microelectronics (including Teensy), 3D model designs and printing, and cell cultures.

Location and Expected Time Commitment: The researcher is expected to work 8 hours/week minimum.

Please send any questions to Dr. Tseytlin at