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Researchers Needed for Dr. Kovinich's Lab

Researchers Needed for Dr. Kovinich's Lab

Posted on Jan. 7, 2019: 

Dr. Nik Kovinich’s lab is looking for two highly motivated undergraduate students to conduct molecular genetics research during the Spring 2019 semester (and potentially extended to following semesters). Positions are available for studying the following:

  1. Regulation of the biosynthesis of anticancer glyceollins in soybean.
  2. Transport of secondary metabolites in Arabidopsis.

All studies involve genetic, biochemical, and transgenic techniques including isolating genes by PCR, overexpressing or RNAi silencing gene expressions in plants, and investigating the effects on gene expressions and metabolite levels. Some specific projects may involve culturing transgenic yeasts for determining protein-protein interactions (yeast two-hybrid) or for analyzing transporter substrate specificities. 

Requirements:  No GPA cutoff, but a strong work ethic and some experience in genetics lab techniques would be preferred.

Course options: The opportunities can be provided as genetics, biochemistry, or biology independent research, capstone, and/or honors thesis.

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Interested in a position? Please contact Nik Kovinich ( to schedule a meeting.